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Self Help Classics

Best selling self help app on iPhone/iPad: huge library of over 50 ebooks: masterpieces on self help, success and inspiration from greatest thinkers, business men and gurus.

Apple Staff Favorite, top paid book app in 2009. A must-have lifechanging app for a ridiculous price: only $.99.

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Apple Marketing team

We love your app, Self Help Classics, here at Apple
Incredible iPhone Apps For Dummies
...sounds too good to be true... but it's good and it's true
App Advice
great way to get access to lots of excellent content at a low price. This book is[...] well-made and well-stocked.

Clean Writer Pro

OSX minimalist text editor for writers & creative people. Fast, powerful, minimalist, full screen mode to boost creativity and inspiration. Color themes, simple UI, Markdown & RTF support and more.

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Cult of Mac

Clean Writer Pro is fast, lightweight and at this price, a bit of a bargain. If you’re a text editor connoisseur, go grab yourself a copy now
If you want a text or Markdown editor on the cheap, Clean Writer Pro does the job
Jack Whiting
I have always loved minimalism and Clean Writer Pro ticks all the boxes that make it a true distraction-free writer, it is truly beautiful.

Clean Writer for iPad

Distraction-free minimalist text editor for iPad with great features for writers. Loved by TheNextWeb, PCWorld, Copyblogger and more.

Multiple color themes, multiple font choices, gesture-capable UI, live character, word and lines counter, Dropbox integration, Markdown preview, customizable keyboard row, etc. Only $.99.

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One of the best bargains in iPad-based text editing is Clean Writer
Mac World
Clean Writer... has quickly become my favorite way to write on the iPad.
Hats off to the developers for creating something writers can use for under $1.
The Next Web
Clean Writer, at only $.99, provides almost identical features as Writer, at a fraction of the cost.

Video Poker Casino

Casual video poker reinvented: The fun and excitement of Las Vegas poker machines on your iPhone or iPad

Free game with 10 video poker games in one app, gorgeous looks for iPhone and iPad, free to play, lots of bonuses, innovative joker gameplay and much more.

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Vault Breaker

Mastermind with numbers. Free code guessing logic puzzle for iPhone & iPad that improves your deductive skills and reasoning. Top free app in 2009 and over 1 million downloads.